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Thread: Help, request summons dlc's

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    Default Help, request summons dlc's

    Can someone please create tow custom dlc for me?

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    Can someone please create tow dlc's for me? Ifrit and Valefor like the Shiva dlc made by ZackFair621 using the mods made by oreo119.
    Link to oreo119 post where the mods are:


    I already have those:
    - Odin (Type-0) Gabranth DLC 4 by Nick421
    - Mateus (FF XII) Emperor DLC 2 by Nick421
    - Diablos Golbez DLC 7 by Safeplay21
    - Dark Bahamuth v2 Golbez DLC 4 by aaaa, Darknight46 & Nero De Leonheart (retexture from Darkbringer77's)
    - Shiva Terra DLC 4 by ZackFair621 ( oreo119 mod)

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    We're not really gonna get help here; this place is next to deserted.

    Hell, I'm waiting on someone to help me with custom BGM (why does it have to be so damn difficult!?)

    It's just better to ask friends, to ask their friends, to ask their friends, until that cycle hits and something comes of it.

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