im lost
either this game got way more brutal or my items just suck (I think its just my item)

its been so long since I played the first dissidia so I forgot what things to do first.

ok so ive been levelling up my tifa since I got da game and she's like lvl86 atm.
cool, so I figured ill try vsing someone my level.
and so I did, only to find that I got owned after 1 hit.
I mean wat the fudge, friggin cecil did a 1500 brv dmg hit on me? and he's on the same level!

vsed ultimecia, her continuous red arrow did a damn 55dmg each arrow on me?
fudge? Im pretty sure its not meant to be that much.
I mean its all good if I deal as much dmg. but no. I deal 2-14dmg each hit.

I lowered the equipment levels to the lowest, and her dmg is still...... monstrous....... but at least not BS.

so wat the hell? I think my equips are just shiet, which brings me to my next question, what am I suppose to do first? am I suppose to finish the story mode first? coz I havent finished it (only up to 3rd time lightning after yuna)
coz really I bought the strongest equips that they sell at the shop and looks like they do jack

and how can you even get 40k hp lol.
someone here said their lvl is 50 and they got 40k hp.
Im lvl86 my hp is only 7k XD
I guess this could also explain why I'm getting owned a lot, but then again the opponent dun even have 9k+ hp.

any help would be appreciated, thanks.